Retail and POS Service Consulting

What is consulting? It is the ability to offer professional advice with the education and real life experiences to be able to back it up. Sharing this knowledge and experience with others will help them avoid making costly mistakes that others have without professional help. Through in depth knowledge and vast experience, our team is able to provide the following RetailCare consulting services:

General IT Consulting

Planning, managing and installing IT solutions for SME and large organisations is our specialty. We have the ability to look at your requirements or current set up and to assist in the planning and reorganisation of your IT system to best suit your business. This may be for your single store or network infrastructure. We offer advice on issues such as improving communication links between stores and head office; gaining maximum benefit from reporting and real time data; or how to implement a more sophisticated means of security and protection for your system..

Web & Domain Consulting

Is your retail business protected with domain names? What domain names do you own? What are you doing with your website? Do you need help? Are you using Google Ad Words ? Don't know where to start?

We have developed many websites and managed many domain names which has allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the internet, the makeup of websites and how to build strategies around domain names to reap the most benefit. Let us help you get that same benefit from your website.

POS IT Consulting

POS is Point of Sale, meaning the software and hardware system you would use in your retail/wholesale business to record sales, monitor stock levels, provide reporting and ideally, great KPI measurement. After many years of consulting to retailers and aiding in decision making on what POS system to choose for their retail business, RetailCare is a leader in the industry and an expert in the ‘dos and don'ts’. If you’re looking around and need an expert to ensure that you are asking the right questions and getting the right answers, contact us now. We are also able to help you with the initial writing of your RFP (request for proposal), to ensure that you get a POS system that is right for your business.

Retail Consulting

Are you thinking of opening a retail store? For fashion? General products? Home wares? Where do you open it? How do you staff it? Don’t know where to start? Let us share our experience with you to help you save valuable time AND money.

Retail Shop Fit Out Consulting

So you’re opening a shop, you have a design in your head, you’re working with design people, but you’re just not too sure if it is going to come together too well? We have seen hundreds of shop fit outs, some that work and some that have so many things wrong, money is ill spent. Show our team your plans for your store and let’s have a discussion on whether it is going to be practical and how we might be able to save you making costly mistakes.

Enquiries can be made through our website at: or by contacting our friendly Sales team on 1800 811 821